Protected Area Workers Association NSW

PAWA seeks to promote and enhance the role of all those working, and that supporting protected area management in NSW, not only in the public sector but private sector as well.

PAWA objectives are to:

- promote and enhance the professions that collectively manage the protected areas in NSW provide a forum for professional and social enrichment and foster professional exchange.
- provide education and other training to develop and or improve the knowledge and skills of protected area workers.

- provide a forum for discussion of common concerns of protected area workers, to share knowledge and communicate with the public to promote greater public benefit from their work.

- provide material assistance, education and other training to develop and improve the knowledge, skills, professional standards and the status of protected area workers in developing countries throughout the world.

We call to all those either employed, or have retired after being employed in, or wish to support protected area operations in NSW, to join PAWA to help us obtain the objectives of the Association and have your say.

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